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Avira anti-virus detects itself as spyware

A recent signature update of Avira anti-virus has detected components of its own application as potentially malign. Avira detected its own AESCRIPT.DLL library file as the “TR/Spy.463227″ strain of malware.

A company spokesperson confirmed the problem in the Avira Support Forum. However, Avira shortly realised the issue, and pulled the VDF offline after it had been up for 20 minutes. A new VDF was released 32 minutes afterwards, which fixed the false-positive issue.

False positive: Detection of file AESCRIPT.DLL as “TR/Spy.463227″

We have had an false positive for the Avira file AESCRIPT.DLL which was detected as “TR/Spy.463227″.

The spreading of the false VDF was stopped immediately and is now corrected with a new VDF.

Please update your Avira protection to fix the false positive.

Source: Avira


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