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Fix iTunes Error 3194 while restoring iOS firmware

How to fix iTunes error 3194 while restoring either stock, or custom firmware/iOS on iPhone / iPad / iPad. iTunes error 3194 means iTunes failed to get SHSH blobs from Apple servers. So, if you run into Error 3194 from iTunes, you can temporarily fix 3194 error by pointing iTunes to Cydia’s SHSH server where you’ve SHSH blobs saved for that particular firmwares. Incoming search terms: error 3194

Fix iTunes “Network Connection Timed Out” error when downloading iPhone update

Some users have problems with “Network Connection Timed Out” error when trying to update their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a newer version of iOS from iTunes before the download completes. These are usually pretty simple errors to fix and we have several methods below. Before going on, make sure the following is true: Incoming search terms: itunes network connection timed out, iphone update times out, iphone update connection timed out, network connection timed out iphone update, iphone network…